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Meet Albion Store Manager Declan Gamack

In November 2020, amidst the flood of Christmas orders in our Botanica inbox, was a resume and cover letter from Declan Gamack.


After a wild ride in 2020 it was a blessing to have Dec join the team with his positive energy and incredible can-do attitude. Anyone who has been served by Declan would agree that he is a fantastic ambassador for our Botanica family!

For those who haven’t had the chance to meet him in person let me introduce you to the superstar Albion Store Manager Declan Gamack...

What is a fun fact people may not know about you?
Even though I now work in a vegetarian salad shop, I never ate any fruit of vegetables until I was 16! I’m the youngest of three boys and somehow always slipped under my parents radar. My favourite foods were Weetabix and maggi 2 minute noodles! It wasn’t until I started doing more sport and competing in cycling that my coach said, "you’re never going to go anywhere unless you eat something green". Luckily I now eat everything and love it all!

Describe a typical day as Botanica Store Manager.
I’ll generally arrive at Albion at 7:15 which gives me time to pick up an all important coffee. I drop into our local cafe, Neighbourhood Coffee, where I get a double espresso and chat to the barista, George. From there, it’s into the store to prepare the orders, display the cakes and get ready to open. The Albion store is all about the lunch rush. No breaks for us between 11 and 1:30; we just turn over salad boxes one after the other and try not to watch the queue too much! The best part of my day at Botanica Albion is being around all the chefs who are hard at work preparing the delicious salads for our stores. If I have time, I may ask the pastry chefs to teach me to crack an egg one handed or ask our head chef, Kallum, to show me how to julienne a chilli. I feel very lucky to be a manager at our Albion store!

What is a common question you get asked by customers?
Without a doubt, I get asked if we have "The Kale" quite a few times every day. The secret is to come early in the day to avoid disappointment, or pop in an order!

What is one secret you don’t think people know about Botanica?
We make every salad, every day! The cabinet will most likely look different every time you come into one of our stores but if you ask what else is out the back there is a strong chance we'll have your favourite if it's not already sold out!

What is your perfect salad combo?
Cous Cous, Cypriot and Horseradish Roasted Potatoes.

You have a degree in business, how did you end up at Botanica?
I studied business (accounting) at university and loved my degree but decided I wasn't going to work in an office after doing a semester exchange in Paris. 6 months surrounded by some of the most delicious food in the world left me with an obsession to work in the industry. I graduated university, left the firm I was working at throughout my degree and moved to London where I worked for a peanut butter brand. I've returned to Brisbane and couldn't be happier working at Botanica where I get to smell, eat and enjoy real food every day.

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