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Hi there,
I know how daunting catering for groups can be. Even when you love cooking sometimes you just don't want to get stuck in the kitchen all night, or maybe you have a million other things to organise too. At Botanica we specialise in doing the simple things really really well. So whether it’s our signature salads, gluten free savoury tarts, sensational cakes or breakfast you need, we can help.

Even though we like to think we are all friends, you know your guest list much better than we do.  Use the below as a guideline for how much you order. If you are feeding a lot of hungry people you can definitely go for a bigger box but if your function is a light lunch the minimum number will definitely be sufficient. Also if you are serving a lot of other options you can decrease the volume considerably.

SALAD LOVE- regluar salad menu

Brown rice with soy, coriander, roasted pumpkin and cashews(GF) (DF)

Shredded Carrot with raisins, almonds herbs and tahini yoghurt dressing. (GF)

Green beans with shaved celery and red almond, roasted almonds and miso maple dressing (not always available)

Roasted Broccoli with tahini lemon dressing, chili and mint

Potato and pea with dill and parsley tahini dressing (GF, DF)

Red cabbage & Savoy cabbage with herbs and fennel seed dressing (GF)(DF)

Roasted cauliflower with dates, parsley, olive oil and sea salt (GF DF)

Beetroot with fresh orange, feta and mint (GF)

Broccoli with cranberries, almonds and cashew garlic cream (GF DF)

Du Puy lentils with cherry tomatoes, fetta, herbs, sumac pickled onion and balsamic (GF)

Kale and quinoa tabouleh with sumac, parsely, lemon and  cherry tomatoes (GF DF)

Barley with silverbeet, dill, walnuts, fetta and lemon dressing

Israeli cous cous with vegan pesto, roasted sweet potato, roasted red onion and baby spinach (DF)

Kale with parmesan, sourdough croutons, and garlic dressing

Freekah with eggplant, prunes, almonds, mint and turmeric cashew cream dressing (DF) 

Roasted Pumpkin with hummus, chilli, pepitas and baby chard

Chickpeas with roasted carrots, coriander, nigella seeds, pickled onion and fragrant cashew curry dressing.

Small $11 (Feeds 1-2 people as a side)
Medium $16.50 (Feeds 3-5 people as a side)
Family $27.50 (Feeds 5-8 people as a side)


available from 11:30am

We offer 4 flavours for our savoury tart:
– Spinach and Fetta
– Pumpkin and ricotta
– Cherry tomato and basil
– Mushroom and tarragon

Savoury Tart piece $8
Savoury Tart whole $32 (we cut a tart into 4 slices but you could cut 5-6 smaller portions)


All of the cakes listed below are individual and can not be purchased as a whole cake.  We use only premium ingredients in all of our cakes including almond meal, real vanilla beans, real butter and free range eggs.  We bake fresh on site every single morning from original recipes and use no pre-made mixes or preservatives.  Due to the premium ingredients and care that goes into every Botanica cake the individual price of each cake does not vary even when a larger volume is ordered.

Cookies $4.50
Bundt cakes $4.50
Cupcakes $5.50
Bar cakes $5.50
Streusel $5.50
Vegan Brownie $5.50
Muffins $5.50

Cinnamon bundt cake
Callebaut Chocolate fudge cookies

Glazed mini lemon bundt cakes

Vanilla bean cupcake

Raspberry mini bundt cakes 

Mini callebaut chocolate and raspberry bar cakes

Blueberry & vanilla bar cake w lemon pistachio glaze

Ginger and golden syrup  cake with poached pear

Cherry, white chocolate and sour cream muffins

Fresh crushed strawberry cupcake

Toasted coconut cupcake

Passionfruit cupcake

Callebaut Chocolate cupcakes

Vegan Brownie with coconut caramel

Ricotta Streusel with cinnamon walnut crumble


We currently do not sell whole cakes.


If you are catering for a workshop event, an all day photo shoot or even a bridal party bite we recommend the easiest option being individual lunch boxes rather then a buffet style set up. Our small box is $11 is a perfect lunch. Although our salad boxes do not contain any meat products, with the combination of grains, healthy fats, vegetables and plant based protein they definitely satiate even the biggest eaters.


Individual lunch box $11 per person


Want to hear the secret to getting everyone to turn up to that breakfast meeting in the office? Tell them you're serving Botanica!.  We are experts in this field. Prepacked with 5 amazing choices (dietary requirements easily catered for) our sensational breakfast boxes not only look unbelievable they pack a nutritious punch.  Even if you are just after something light for a brunch option we also offer breakfast crumble parfaits and gluten free muffins.


Bircher Breakfast cup $6.50

Brown Rice and Quiono bircher $6.50 (GF DF)
Breakfast crumble parfait $6.50 (GF DF available on request)
Muffins $5.50

When making order please clearly specify:

The name for the order
The date for pickup
The time for collection
The best contact ph number
… and most importantly from which store you would like to collect your bounty.